File extension .cpl information

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File extension CPL is normally Windows applets for the Control Panel, located by clicking ?Start?, then Control Panel?. Each of these file extensions represents tools that perform various configurations, such as the management of user accounts, security, program management, networking, hardware, display settings, regional settings, time, date, audio, and accessibility options. These file extensions are found in C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory. Typically, one does not need to directly access these file extensions, as they are accessible using the interface for the control panel on Windows. Fixing these file?s related errors makes the applications on the computer more stable.

Having trouble opening .cpl files?

Not being able to open .cpl files may be the result of not having the appropriate application installed or Operating System issues.

You should ensure:
  1. The appropriate program is installed
  2. Check your Operating System for invalid registry entries and other speed issues.

In certain cases, one may wish to generate batch files, which execute the applets for the control panel. File extension CPL is categorized as a system file. This file extension is also described as a DLL (Dynamic Link Library), a special purpose feature that allows for Window?s environment configuration. Another file that uses this file extension is the Presentation for Compel Show Ver 1, developed by Click2learn, inc. it is nowadays bundled along with other software for multimedia and no longer available as stand-alone software. Related file extensions include PPD, DRV, DLL, and AX.

Extended .cpl information

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